Socket Fusion Bench Tool - ½" to 4"

The Simtech WT3500 is a sturdy, easy to operate machine your workshop or construction site. Designed for socket welding of PP, PVDF and PE pipe and fittings from ½" to 4"OD (20mm – 125mm).  The machine frame is made of durable solid welded steel. The holding clamps for pipe and fitting are of a patented prismatic design. Clamp travel movement is accurately controlled by a rack and pinion drive mechanism.  This versatile machine has a unique removable heating element that can be separated from the base for use as a hand-held welder. 
A dial stop allows for the adjustment of the fitting penetration depth, which differs depending on diameter and type of pipe (ASTM mm or IPS, or DVS Type A or B). Once adjusted, a stop device prevents excessive insertion of the pipe into the fitting. The heating element holder is of a floating design to allow for the optimum heating geometry of the sockets and spigots.
The PTFE coated heater bushings (sold separately) are made according to the DVS 2208-1 Standard and guarantee a perfect joint result with interference-fit pipe and socket fittings. Machine is standard in 110v. Special voltages available upon request 
Key Features: 
• Solid, durable welded steel construction of machine
• Transportation case used as mobile bench top for set up anywhere
• 110v power supply (230v available)
• Electronically adjusted heating element, with digital indicator
• Prismatic Clamping devices allow clamping of any OD from 20mm – 125mm 
• Heating element is easily removable for use as a hand held device.
• Uses 20mm – 125mm heater bushings
• IPS heater bushings available per ASTM or DVS
• Can be converted from DIN to IPS welding in a matter of minutes
Technical Data
• Power Supply: 110V Single-Phase 50-60hz
• Power Consumption: 1000w – 9.2 amp
• Weight: Machine – 44kg, transport case 41kg, total 85kg
• Dimensions: Transport Case 85 x 60 x 68 cm

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