Biotech / Pharma

Technology and Expertise For Your High Purity Piping Application  

Biotechnology is the driving force behind changes in the pharmaceutical industry. Technological innovations in research, development and production methods require increasingly sophisticated systems and materials.  

For the bio / pharma industry, high purity piping systems that operate at the highest purity levels are critical, and their reliability can have a huge impact on operating costs. Many operations also require corrosion-resistant piping for waste drainage and other chemical-handling processes. Tap into our practical, real-world experience in bio / pharma applications including:

  • Reverse-osmosis / deionized high purity water 
  • WFI systems
  • Process drainage
  • Hot RODI washdown
  • Chromatography
  • Temp & pressure monitoring
  • Instrumentation

World-Class Resins for Purity and Low Maintenance

Simtech’s material innovations ensure the lowest leachables and smoothest surface finishes available for keeping your system pure and maintenance-free. We offer complete high-purity systems for the full spectrum of RODI water applications in stress-relieved AlphaPlus PP and Kynar 740 PVDF that outperform all other available materials. 

Complete Systems for Single Sourcing

In addition to piping and duct components, we offer the industry’s widest range of manual and actuated high purity valves, zero static valves, and drop tees to complete your system.  We also offer a comprehensive line of regulators, controls and instrumentation for the protection of key system components and to ensure proper piping system pressure and flow. Also tap our custom fabrication expertise to complete your project on-time.  

Relevant Simtech products: