Pneumatically Actuated Ball, Butterfly, & Diaphragm Valves

SIMTECH offers a broad range of pneumatic actuators designed to complement our lines of corrosion-resistant and high-purity valves.  We simplify the selection process by matching the ideal bracket, coupling and actuator to each of our valves and offering perfectly balanced, ready to install pneumatic actuation packages for:

  • Ball Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Diaphragm Valves

Available with either technopolymer or aluminum housings, our pneumatic actuators are manufactured to withstand the most arduous plant environments and reliably operate valves requiring torques of up to 500 in/lbs. Each actuator is offered in both Double Acting and Spring Return configurations and can be easily converted from double acting to spring return (or vice versa) by the easy insertion or removal of spring cartridges.  

Simtech pneumatic actuators are designed to operate with dry or lubricated air media, but will function equally well with non-corrosive and inert gas or light hydraulic oil at pressures from 40psi to 120 psi. Standard features of Simtech pneumatic actuators include:  

  • End caps and pistons are epoxy powder coated for corrosion resistance
  • All internal and external surfaces are anodized for corrosion resistance (aluminum models)
  • Corrosion-resistant non–metallic (epoxy coated) springs 
  • Stainless steel pinion with anti-blowout protection 
  • Double travel stops
  • External open/closed indication
  • Isolated pinion gear shaft bearings for high cycle applications
  • Various angle of rotation available (90° - 120° - 135° - 150° - 180° - 240°)
  • Operates with air, inert gas, oil or water at 40-120 psi. 
  • Standard working temperature -4°F - +176°F
  • Progressive serial number stamped for traceability
  • 100% seal and running test carried out on electronic equipment

Available options include Limit switches, Solenoids and Positioners

Custom Pneumatic Actuation and “Smart” Actuators

In addition to our line of standard pneumatic actuators, Simtech offers customized pneumatic actuation solutions for even the most complex installations. Finding an actuator that is fully compatible with your control network is one of our specialties.  We can help you with a variety of process automation standards and protocols. Just send us your actuation specifications and we our experts will recommend the ideal actuator and accessories for your flow control application and plant conditions.