FML and FMH Flow Meters

Simtech float flow meters are available for many flow ranges from 3 to 50,000 l/h. Also known as a rotameter or variable area flowmeter, this tried and tested design is used in many applications from water treatment to heavy chemical processing. Our special configuration software allows us to offer you measuring range scales for almost every liquid or gaseous fluid. The FML is available is sizes 3/8" - 1". The high volume FMH is avalable in 1" - 2½" nominal sizes. Ask a Simtech expert about the right flow meter for your application.

All our float flow meters come with an integrated assembly mounting rail for the fitting of position indicators, and can be supplied with corresponding magnetic floats.  We offer mono-stable and bi-stable limit switches and both magnetic and reed chain measurement sensors. The FML and FMH are available in three corrosion-resistant materials with a wide selection of end connection types and materials.

Available sizes:  3/8" – 1" (FML);  1" - 2½” (FMH)
Measuring range (liters/hour): 3 - 1,500 (FML); 60 - 50,000 (FMH)
Body materials: PVC, PVDF, Polyamide (PA), Polysulfone (PSU)
Float material:   PVDF or PVDF with Magnet
Seals:                EPDM, FPM
Connections:     Socket, Spigot, Flanged


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