AirTech™ Polypropylene PPd Duct Systems

Superior Chemical Resistance and Temperature Handling vs PVC

Polypropylene (PPd) is an ideal material for handling most corrosive fumes due to its resistance to a broad range of chemical exhausts including solvents.  PP surpasses both PVC and CPVC in terms of chemical resistance. PP also has a 33% higher termperature handling ability than PVC and is able to operate at temperatures up to 220°F/100°C.

Polypropylene’s low density (light weight) and consistent mechanical properties make it an extremely workable material.   AirTech™ PPd installs easily and quickly because of the molded socket fittings which require only back-welding with a hot-air welder and welding rod of the same material. Ask our air-handling experts for help specifying the correct welding techniques.  Simtech fabrication experts perform hot-air welds according to DVS 2207-3 or extrusion welds according to DVS 2207-4. 

Polypropylene is also an ideal material for OEM components because it is 100% recyclable and contains no toxic elements. PPd features include:    

  • Duct pipe available up to 55”
  • Molded fittings, dampers, etc. up to 39”
  • Lightweight
  • Broad Chemical Resistance
  • Easy to install with hand-held hot-air or extrusion welder
  • High impact resistance for durability 
  • 100% recyclable
  • Contains no toxic materials, chlorides or heavy metals
  • FDA approved.


  • Labs
  • Chemical Cabinets
  • Odor Control
  • Pickle Lines
  • Surface treatment / Plating and etching
  • Dust collection