O.E.M. Supplier

Specialized OEM Solutions for Your Unique Application.

Simtech has over 30 years of experience providing high-performance components of OEM systems that handle acidic, caustic and abrasive fluids or high purity and ultrapure water. We also provide OEM solutions for process fume exhaust handling and offer a wide selection of fusion equipment for your factory or workshop.  Tell us about your manufacturing challenges and ask how we can help you with:

  • Highest quality thermoplastic components
  • State of the art fusion welding equipment
  • Custom fabrication services
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Off-site inventory management and parts forecasting.

Simtech develops strategic relationships with top manufacturers producing a wide variety of systems including:

  • RODI skids
  • pH control skids
  • Chemical dosing / injection
  • Bulk chemical storage
  • Fuel distribution, loading and transfer
  • Scrubber systems 
  • Flue gas desulfurization

Lower Costs and Streamline Production

We help your integrated manufacturing system perform with improved efficiency and reliability.  And by procuring materials at reseller pricing, you gain a critical competitive advantage.  Our OEM customers:

  • Deal directly with accessible Simtech thermoplastics experts
  • Benefit from the highest performance materials, valves and equipment available anywhere
  • Depend on reliable supply and dimensional stability
  • Receive factory-direct, reseller pricing for improved margins 

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