Solutions for Safety, Environmental Protection and Cost Savings 

Applications for chlorine and caustic soda products include pharmaceuticals, chemical industry ingredients, and many end products such PVC resins, textiles and detergents.  For the chlor-alkalai industry, safety and environmental protection are of critical importance from design to installation and maintenance.  Simtech thermoplastics can help achieve those goals and lower your cost of ownership compared with PTFE-lined steel systems. 

Simtech offers complete piping, valve and fume exhaust solutions for each of the four primary areas of a chlor-alkalai plant:

  • Chlorine Processing
  • Brine Preparation
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Caustic Soda

Intelligent Alternative to Stainless Steel and PTFE-lined Steel

For the chlor-alkalai industry we offer an exclusive alternative to lined steel and expensive alloys that outperforms, outlasts and cost less to install.  Simtech’s ArmorTech® piping systems combine the chemical resistance of thermoplastics with the mechanical strength of fiberglass.  Available with either a AlphaPlus PP or Kynar PVDF core, the ArmorTech flangeless piping system eliminates most problems associated with PTFE/PFA lined steel piping systems:

  • Fugitive emissions
  • Permeation
  • External corrosion
  • Liner collapse 
  • Flange maintenance

Eliminate Permeation and Fugitive Emissions 

ArmorTech® is the only alternative to lined steel piping that is truly “flangeless,” thus eliminating most of a system’s primary leak points.  Save on costly maintenance of flange connections and stop painting pipe to address exterior corrosion.  Use fewer hangers and improve the safety of your system and workplace environment.  Specifying an Armortech system will also save on cost of installation. Simtech’s patented shaving tools make flangeless field installation quick, safe and easy. 

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