Life Sciences

Over 30 Years of Experience Helping Engineers and Scientists  

Simtech has been helping STEM educators, scientists and laboratory technicians for decades eliminate water quality as a variable in research and manufacturing with our innovative materials and fluid handling expertise.  If your project involves piping or fume extraction for the life science industry, a hospital or research laboratory, we can help you succeed. Tap our experience with systems for:

  • High Purity RODI water
  • Water for Injection (WFI)
  • Laboratory fume exhaust
  • Chromatography
  • Process waste
  • Double containment

Plastics for Higher Purity and Reliability vs Stainless Steel

High purity water recirculated in 316 stainless steel will predictably contain iron, chrome, molybdenum, tungsten, copper, nickel, zinc  as well as traces of other heavy metals.  For this and other reasons, Simtech’s stress-relieved thermoplastics will consistently outperform metals for life science applications by preventing contamination of the water supply and greatly reducing the need for periodic system flushing or cleaning.  

Our AlphaPlus PP and Kynar 740 PVDF resin formulations allow the highest purity and smoothest surface finish in the world, practically eliminating leachables and surface encrustation.  Our products and expertise help hospitals, private and university research labs and manufacturers of drugs and active ingredients worldwide keep critical systems running pure and maintenance-free 24/7/365.

Complete Systems for Single Sourcing

In addition to piping systems, we offer the industry’s widest range of manual and actuated high purity valves, zero static valves, and drop tees to complete your system from a single source.  We also offer a comprehensive line of regulators, controls and instrumentation for protecting your investment and ensure efficient piping system pressure and flow. Also tap our custom fabrication expertise to complete your project on-time.  

Relevant Simtech Products: