Chemical Piping Systems

Industrial Plastics that Outperform Metals

Simtech offers several outstanding, stress-relieved single-wall chemical piping systems to handle a wide range of industrial pressure piping and environmental containment applications.
  • AlphaPlus® Polypropylene - handles temperatures from 35°F-200°F. Our proprietary resin formulation delivers chemical and stress-crack resistance far superior to β-nucleated PP and standard PP-H.  Socket fusion systems are available from ½” through 4”.  Butt fusion systems are available with molded  fittings up to 20” and up to 48” with fabricated fittings. 
  • Kynar® 740 PVDF - stands up to highly aggressive inorganic chemicals, acids, hydrocarbons and halogens at temperatures from -40°F-280°F and is an ideal substitute for exotic alloys. PVDF socket fusion systems are available from ½” through 4”.  Butt fusion systems are available with molded  fittings up to 12” and up to 16” with fabricated fittings. 
  • Halar® ECTFE - for highly demanding industrial applications requiring ultimate chemical purity. Halar ECTFE pipe and molded butt fusion fittings are available from ½” through 4”.
  • Armortech® structurally reinforced PP and PVDF – a unique thermoplastic dual laminate piping that combines the chemical resistance of plastics with the mechanical strength of fiberglass. Flangeless systems are available in armored PP and PVDF from ½” through 12”.

Stress-Relieved (Annealed) Pipe Outperforms and Outlasts

Our unique in-line annealing process results in a product with superior resistance to corrosion and stress cracking, and greater rigidity and impact resistance when compared to other products of similar materials.  Simtech systems outperform and offer significant cost savings when compared to CPVC, FRP, lined steel, and exotic alloys.


Valves, Controls and Instrumentation

A wide range of manual and actuated valves are available to complete your system.  We also offer a comprehensive line of regulators, controls and instrumentation for the protection of key system components and to ensure proper piping system pressure and flow.

Support from Start to Finish

From your initial inquiry and material selection, to providing estimates of installed costs and updated specifications, Simtech provides support at every step.  We also support all our piping systems with available field training and certification to insure correct installation.  We even help contractors with only metals experience succeed - the first time.