Chlorinated Solvents

Single and Double Wall Systems for Chlorinated Solvents 

Chlorinated solvents are commonly used for degreasing fats, oils, resins and waxes, dry cleaning, and as chemical intermediates in the manufacture of pesticides and other chemicals solutions. This family of chemicals includes: 

  • Dichloromethane   (CH2Cl2)
  • Tetrachloroethylene   (C2Cl4)
  • Trichloroethane   (C2H3Cl3  or “TCA”)
  • Tricholoroethylene   (C2HCl3  or “TCE”)
  • Carbon tetrachloride.   (CCl4  or “CT”)

Chlorinated solvents are generally harmful to humans and the environment.  Simtech has extensive experience working with engineers to specify materials that will insure safety and compliance.  Our Kynar PVDF chemical piping systems are ideal for safely handling these extremely corrosive fluids. Both single wall and double wall PVDF systems offer chemical resistance and cost advantages over comparable systems made of metal materials. Ask our experts about piping systems that outlast and cost less than traditional stainless steel, lined steel or FRP materials. 

When Regulations Require Double Containment 

We have decades of experience helping customers worldwide protect against hazardous fluid leakage, both above ground and underground.  Since 1984, Simtech’s ContainTech has been the most reliable double walled containment system on the market. Combined with PermAlert Leak detection and the advantages of simultaneous butt-fusion, no comparable product beats ContainTech’s track record of efficient installation, compliance and operating safety.  

We also support your project with available jobsite training and certification of the installing contractor.  Ask us how we can lower your cost of ownership and help your plant run smoothly and without interruption from pipe, valve, or system failures.

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