FDS Flow Data Sensors

The FDS Flow Data Sensors are designed for use only in combination with the FML and FMH Flow meters with a magnetic float.  and transmit a 4-20 mA signal for continuous measurement readings. As the position of the magnetic float in the measuring pipe changes, the movement is registered by the switches. The device is set once during installation and then continues to work absolutely maintenance-free. 

We offer two types of flow data sensors: Reed Chain and Magnetic Angle Sensor.

  • Reed Chain - consists of a chain of reed contact switches controlled directly via the magnet in the float as it passes the switch. Installs easily onto the integrated assembly mounting rail of the FML.

  • Magnetic Angle Sensor - works though the detection of the angle position of the float magnet in relation to the sensor. This unit measures values outside the sensor housing itself and installs easily on any size FML or FMH flow meter.


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