Plastic Swing Check Valves

Eliminate Shock and Water Hammer

A swing check valve uses a swinging hinged disc which needs minimal back pressure to close the valve tightly.  Thermoplastic swing check valves will never jam or stick as a result of rust or corrosion.  They can stand up to highly corrosive applications and harsh operating conditions where metal check valves may require painting or epoxy-coating just to survive. 
HCS series swing check valves can be modified with a spring or weight of various materials or tensions to assist in seating faster to eliminate shock.  The ASNI 150lb flanged HCS swing check features a self-aligning clapper for bubble-tight sealing with only 3 PSI back pressure. 
Available Sizes:      ½” – 10”
Body Materials:      PVC, CPVC, PP, PVDF 
Seals:                             EPDM, Viton, PTFE encapsulated
• Suitable for wastewater treatment, chemical plant applications, agricultural irrigation
• Excellent flow characteristics providing minimal pressure drop
• Ideal for horizontal as well as vertical installation
• Top entry for easy in-line maintenance
• All sizes vacuum rated
• Counter weight/spring-assist available upon request
• PTFE encapsulated seals available upon request

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