Laboratory Exhaust

AirTech® - The Most Efficient System in the World

An efficient laboratory exhaust system is critical to the effective removal of noxious fumes from a laboratory, wet bench, or chemical research workstation. We specialize in cost-effective, energy efficient thermoplastic fume exhaust systems that have many advantages over sheet metal and fiberglass:

  • Chemical and pH resistance
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Superior airflow properties

AirTech fittings are molded rather than segmented (or mitered on-site), meaning air flows more freely and with less turbulence and resistance.  As a result, an AirTech system uses up to 30% less energy by reducing the power requirements for fans and blowers.  Airtech’s superior form and fit and heat-fusible socket connections make it fast and easy to install, saving money on labor. 

Ask our laboratory exhaust experts about how we have helped universities, hospitals, life science researchers, government installations and scientists around the world with lab fume extraction solutions. 

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