AirTech™ Flame Retardant Polypropylene Duct Systems

Light Weight Chemical Resistance and Flame Retardance in One Versatile Material

Simtech’s AirTech™ is available in a flame-retardant polypropylene (PPs) that offers all the chemical resistance and workability benefits of PPd plus essential flame retardancy for additional safety and compliance.  PPs is a flame retardant material of class B1 with self-extinguishing characteristics in accordance with DIN 4102.  

The use of flame-retardant PPs protects from ignition sources such as:

  • Hot surfaces
  • Flames
  • Hot gases
  • Mechanically generated sparks
  • Electrical equipment (sparks)

Like all AirTech™ materials, PPs molded fittings are specifically designed for efficiency  – requiring less power (smaller fans/blowers) to move air through the system and eliminating the need for costly, time-consuming on-site fabrication of mitred fittings. 

The perfect alternative to metal-based materials and PVC

This light-weight, fire-safe plastic is superior in performance to sheet metal, lined steel, PVC and fiberglass systems due to its combination of broad chemical resistance, low installed cost and durability. 

PPs has a 50% higher temperature handling ability than PVC, able to operate continually over 220°F/100°C.  

Lower Your Costs of installation

AirTech™ PPs installs easily and quickly because the molded socket fittings require only back-welding with a hot-air welder and welding rod of the same material, or for larger sizes an extrusion welder. Ask our air-handling experts for help specifying the correct welding techniques for your project.

PPs System Features:  

  • Duct pipe up to 55”
  • Molded fittings, dampers, etc. up to 39”
  • Lightweight
  • Broad Chemical Resistance
  • Easy to install with hand-held hot-air or extrusion welder
  • UL94 rated V-O 
  • Flame retardant according to DIN 4102 B1
  • High impact resistance for durability 
  • 100% recyclable 
  • Contains no toxic materials, chlorides or heavy metals
  • FDA approved

Applications for flame-retardant duct include:

  • Labs
  • Chemical Cabinets
  • Odor Control
  • Pickle Lines
  • Surface treatment / Plating and etching
  • Dust collection