High Purity, Chemical & Double Containment Piping Systems

Complete High Purity and Industrial Piping Systems and Welding Equipment 

Engineered thermoplastics outperform stainless steel in many industrial applications. Many engineers and installers are familiar primarily with the properties of stainless steel and other metals. We can educate all types of professionals on the clear advantages of using thermoplastics:

  • Superior Corrosion Resistance
  • Material cost savings vs. stainless steel, lined steel, exotic alloys and FRP
  • Lower installed cost (labor savings)
  • Less frequent maintenance
  • Longer service Life
  • Lower leachables for superior high purity performance
  • Superior joint integrity / fewer leak points

Simtech offers several outstanding, stress-relieved piping systems to handle a wide range of high purity and industrial pressure piping and environmental containment applications. 

  • Single Wall piping systems
  • Double Wall Piping Systems
  • Armored Piping systems

Value Engineering and Support

By “value engineering” we mean we will always recommend a solution that is no more or no less than exactly what your conditions of service require.   We will help you specify, estimate or buy exactly the right system based on the unique needs of your project.  

From your initial inquiry and material selection, to providing estimates of installed costs and updated specifications, Simtech provides support at every step.  We also support all our piping systems with available field training and certification to insure correct installation.  We even help contractors with only metals experience succeed - the first time. 

Single Wall Piping Systems

  • High Purity Piping Systems - Complete systems for the full spectrum of high-purity reverse- osmosis  / deionized (RODI) water applications in AlphaPlus PP, Kynar 740 PVDF  
  • Industrial/Chemical Piping Systems – complete systems for almost any corrosive fluid handling challenge in AlphaPlus PP, Kynar 740 PVDF and Halar ECTFE
  • Armored piping systems – for the most aggressive fluid handling applications where permeation and fugitive emissions are a problem there is ArmorTech™

Double Wall Piping Systems (environmental)

Since 1984, Simtech’s ContainTech™ has been the most reliable double containment system on the market and is now available in four materials in pressure-rated sizes from 1” x 3” up to 18” x 24” in:

  • AlphaPlus® Polypropylene (PP) Double Containment
  • Kynar® PVDF Double Containment
  • Advanced PE100 Polyethylene Double Containment
  • Halar® ECTFE Double Containment

State of the Art Welding Equipment

Simtech offers a choice of both manual or hydraulically operated fusion equipment for field or workshop socket and butt welding of AlphaPlus PP, PE, Kynar® 740 PVDF, and E-CTFE.  Ask us how we can help equip your plant, workshop or jobsite with both purchase and lease options.

Custom Fabrications

Simtech specializes in producing custom subassemblies and spool pieces in single-wall, double wall and duct to complete your project on-time and in-spec.  Whether it’s to complete a Simtech system, or to repair an existing system of similar material, we can help.

Reduce installed labor costs and plant downtime by having Simtech fabricate piping or air-handling  components based on your specifications and dimensions. Our DVS-certified welders are trained to fabricate to exacting standards so you can be confident in the fit and performance of the final product.