Plastic Butterfly Valves - Manual

Corrosion Resistant Quarter-Turn Butterfly Valves Through 24"

Butterfly valves are ideal for a variety of service conditions where both shut-off and throttling are desired. They handle fluid flow with suspended solids better than ball valves and are often preferred anywhere space is at a minimum. We offer wafer style valves for easy installation between flanges and also lug style butterfly valves for dead-end service.

Available Sizes:         2” – 24” 
Seat Materials:          EPDM, Viton/FKM, Buna (Nitrile) 
Optional Stems:        316SS, Hastelloy, Titanium, also PVC, PP and PVDF encapsulated stems

Simtech butterfly valve features include:

  • Bubble tight closure with one-piece elastomer seat (no gaskets required)
  • Unique disc design for minimal flow loss
  • Stem is isolated – no wetted metal parts
  • Optional gear operators for all sizes
  • Electric or pneumatic actuation available
  • Lugs available for all sizes
  • Optional stem extensions and/or square operating nuts available.

Custom body/disc/seat and stem material combinations are available to meet your exact fluid-handling challenge. Just ask a Simtech valve expert.

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