Alpha Plus® Polypropylene High Purity Piping

    All Polypropylenes Are Not Created Equal

    Alpha Plus® is a homo-polymeric polypropylene (PP-H), developed using special nucleating agents that make it possible to produce the lowest surface roughness value (RA12) of any polypropylene available in the market today.  Compared with the high purity performance properties of other types of polypropylene, the AlphaPlus internal Ra of less than 0.4 μm results in:

    • Reduced adhesion of particles and bacteria collection
    • Considerable decrease in the level of pipe friction
    • Reduction of pressure loss by more than ten per cent
    • Potential cost-savings as a result of extended intervals between cleaning. 

    Advanced Resin and Extrusion Technologies

    Our proprietary resin formulation and enhanced annealed extrusion technologies meet or exceed all requirements for applications ranging from low water purity (resistivity of less than 1 meg OHM/CM) to absolute water purity (resistivity of 18 meg OHM/CM). The exclusive in-line annealing process de-stresses the material to produce a superior piping product that is both NSF61 and FDA approved and also: 

    • Reduces leachables and deposits of particulates and bacteria
    • Prevents stress cracking 
    • Lowers RODI maintenance costs by eliminating or reducing need for scheduled cleaning and flushing of the system.
    • Improves hydraulic properties resulting in better flow

    Socket Fusion and Butt Fusion High Purity Systems

    • Socket Fusion systems in sizes from ½” - 4” 
    • Butt Fusion / Infrafed systems in sizes from ½” - 12”

    Polypropylene Valves, Controls and Instrumentation

    A wide range of manual and actuated polypropylene valves, zero static valves, and drop tees are available to complete your system.  We also offer a comprehensive line of regulators, controls and instrumentation for the protection of key system components and to ensure proper piping system pressure and flow. Custom fabrication services are also available to complete your system.