Solenoid Valves for Fast, Frequent Switching

Our corrosion-resistant solenoid valves are for use in applications requiring fast, frequent switching and a compact design.  Common applications include the releasing, dosing, distributing or mixing of fluids.  Simtech offers the directly-controlled SVD and pilot-operated SVP solenoid valves.  Both valves offer fast and safe electrically-controlled on/off switching, high reliability, long service life and corrosion-resistance.  

The direct-acting SVD operates with a PTFE bellows that seals the plunger chamber. Available in ⅜" - ¾" nominal sizes (DN10-DN 20).  

The pilot-controlled SVP features a diaphragm design that requires a minimum differential pressure of 4.5psi for reliable operation. Available in nominal sizes ½" - 2" (DN15-DN50)

Both are available in High voltage (110v-230v AC) or Low voltage (12v-24v DC) versions.

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