Acid Regeneration

Reliable Systems and Expertise for Peak Efficiency

The regeneration of acids is crucial to the pickling of carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel and in the leaching process of minerals.  We know that a reliable system running at peak efficiency will increase your independence from chemical suppliers and reduce the ecological footprint of these and other industrial processes.  The experts at Simtech can help you lower your cost of ownership and keep your plant running smoothly and without interruption from pipe, valve, or acid fume extraction system failures.

Simtech has extensive experience in systems for safely transferring corrosive, hot, abrasive fluids away from the point of use, and then returning the purified streams back to the pickling or chemical milling process.   You need the right materials in order to maximize the recovery efficiency of expensive acids as well as the potentially valuable metals contained in the waste stream. Tap our expertise in fluid and air-handling materials for:

  • Regeneration of Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) and mixed acids (HCl – HF - HNO3, etc.)
  • Hydrothermal regeneration
  • Pyrohydrolysis
  • Acid retardation
  • Diffusion dialysis
  • Electrolytic precipitation
  • Evaporative recovery
  • Ferrous Chloride to Ferric Chloride (FeCl2 - FeCl3)
  • Stack emissions (HCl, Cl2, Dust, CO, NOx)

We offer offers several highly corrosion-resistant systems for both above-ground and below-ground installations that stand up to the tough conditions associated with acid recovery: 

  • Single wall piping systems (AlphaPlus polypropylene and Kynar 740 PVDF)
  • Double-wall environmental piping systems 
  • Low-point or continuous cable leak detection
  • Corrosion-resistant valves, controls and instrumentation
  • Valve automation
  • High-efficiency fume extraction systems

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