Valves & Automation

Source the Right Valves and Controls – Easily

Your piping system is only as good as the valves that control it.  Tap our expertise to ensure that your system’s valves and controls are its strongest element – not its weakest link.  We make finding exactly the right valve for your application easy by offering the widest variety of thermoplastic:

  • Manual Valves
  • Automated Valves 
  • Controls and Instrumentation

All Simtech valves and controls are industrial-grade, made from the highest quality materials and designed for reliability and long service life. We can safely handle everything from the highest purity water to the most aggressive chemicals. 

We Make it Easy to Find What You Need Even When You’re Not Sure What You’re Looking For  

Fortunately, we simplify the process of specifying or selecting by being available to answer your questions and provide expert advice. We offer the industry’s widest selection of valve types, materials, sizes and seals and are always eager to help you choose from thousands of manual valve configurations.

Automating your system doesn’t have to be complicated either.  From simple quarter-turn actuators to Modbus® “smart” actuators that integrate with building information management systems, we make actuation easy by listening closely to your needs.  

Simtech offers automated valve packages for your cycling requirements and operating environment.  Send us your specifications and we’ll recommend the right pneumatic or electric actuated valve for your needs.