Pulp and Paper

Industrial Strength Piping for Pulp and Paper Manufacturing

The use of highly corrosive acids, caustic solutions and other chemicals is commonplace throughout the modern pulp and paper industry.  Safely handling these fluids and their byproducts and fumes takes tough piping systems designed with practical expertise.  Find all thermoplastic pipe, fittings, valves and air-handling equipment from a single source – Simtech.   

We solve problems involving these and other processes and chemicals in your industry:

  • Bleach lines
  • Liquor lines
  • Spent acid and caustic lines
  • Chemical recovery 
  • Effluent and slurry lines
  • Hydrochloric and sulfuric acid
  • Chlorine dioxide
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Rosins, starches, waxes
  • Fume exhaust wet scrubber systems.

Thermoplastics Outperform Metals and Save Money

Cost savings versus metals, lined steel and FRP systems can be documented from beginning to end: lower material costs, lower cost of installation, and lower retrofit and overall maintenance costs. 

The AlphaPlus PP and Kynar 740PVDF piping and duct systems are not only chemically resistant but also have outstanding abrasion resistance, hydraulics and temperature handling ability for long service life in the harsh environment found at most pulp and paper plants. Our flangeless systems virtually eliminate leak points and external corrosion and are lightweight and easy to install – making them the truly intelligent alternative to metals and expensive alloys. 

Relevant Simtech products