Energy Efficient Air Handling Systems in Engineered Polymers

AirTech™ - The Most Complete Air Handling System for Industry and Labs with Molded Components Up to 48"

The safe removal of harmful and corrosive fumes and gasses from workplaces and production spaces is essential for safety and environmental protection.  As a material for exhausting of corrosive industrial fumes, thermoplastics have many advantages over stainless steel, PTFE lined, and FRP duct:

  • Light weight
  • Chemical and pH resistance
  • Ease of installation
  • Superior airflow properties
  • Savings in hangers and supports.

Simtech’s AirTech™ Fume Exhaust and Odor Control Duct Systems are the most complete, nonmetallic duct systems available.  AirTech™ is offered in seven different materials with duct sizes up to 55” and is the only system on the market that offers molded socket fittings and dampers up through 39”. 

We only use the highest quality resins and conductive plastics engineered for chemical resistance, mechanical strength and ease of installation.  AirTech™ industrial and laboratory systems outperform and outlast systems using sheet metal, lined steel and fiberglass, offering many advantages for a lower cost of ownership and environmental impact.  

The Most Efficient Fume Exhaust System in the World 

AirTech™ fittings are molded rather than fabricated.  Molded components are specifically designed and manufactured for efficiency  – requiring less power (smaller fans/blowers) to move air through the system and eliminating the need for costly, time-consuming on-site fabrication of mitered fittings. 

AirTech™ fittings are produced with socket ends that allow easy fit-up and assembly before back-welding, saving even more time and installation cost.  Each AirTech™  system includes a complete array of molded elbows, tees, flanges, reducers, wyes, and other fittings including: 

  • Molded Dampers – Manual and Actuated
  • Molded Volume Control Sensors and Controllers 
  • Molded deflector cowls, exhaust stacks and mufflers
  • Molded Wellflex expansion joints
  • VibraTech® Hangers, supports and vibration isolators