NLB Series No Lube Pressure Bypass Valve

The Simtech NLB Series Pressure Bypass Valve is a 3-port valve designed to relieve excess fluid pressure in high purity applications where lubrication is not permitted. When mounted in-line, the pressure by-pass valve will permit fluid to pass through the system. When pressure approaches the valve setting, fluid is vented through the bottom port.  Adjustable screw and lock-nut makes it easy to accurately pre-set relief pressure.  Note: This valve is not designed to be used in piping systems with back-pressure on the downstream side.

Available sizes: ¼” – 2”
Body materials: PVC, PP, PVDF, PTFE
Seals:                EPDM, Viton, Kalrez
Connections:     ¼" - 1" FNPT; 1½" - 2" MPT

  • Wide working pressure range (10 to 80 psi)
  • Top entry for easy in-line maintenance and can be factory pre-set upon request.
  • Ideal for high purity piping systems as well as most harsh chemicals and corrosives.
  • No metal contact with fluid

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