Win the Battle Against Saltwater and Abrasion

Desalination, desalinization, or desalinisation is a process that removes salt and other minerals from saline (sea) water for drinking or industry, or from soil for agriculture. Large-scale desalination requires specialized infrastructure including highly engineered piping systems like those offered by Simtech.  Tap our expertise in desalination for:

  • Salt water intakes 
  • Reverse osmosis piping
  • Water treatment chemical handling
  • pH control systems
  • NSF approved piping

Ductile iron, steel and other metal pipes are vulnerable to salt water corrosion, abrasion and leaching metals into the water.  The solution to these problems is Simtech’s AlphaPlus polypropylene – a rugged piping system that stands up to salt water and the highly abrasive conditions of intake lines.  The same material also has NSF 61 approval for use with drinking water, and is resistant to most chemicals used in the post-desalination water treatment process for potability. 

Our thermoplastic systems are also much lighter weight and easier to install. The butt fusion joining method provides superior joint integrity and means that even header components can easily be fabricated on-site (with jobsite welding equipment also offered by Simtech).  

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