Plastic Check Valves

The Right Check Valve for Your One-Way Flow

Check valves are used to prevent the reversal of flow in a fluid line.  Your conditions of service will determine what type of check valve is right for your application.  We can help you make the right choice from the industry’s widest selection of types, materials and sizes up to 24".

All Simtech check valves are designed for minimal resistance and pressure drop and are completely self-contained.  Models are available for a wide range of pressure differentials with no assist, spring assist, or variable tension assist mechanisms.  Our selection of check valves for both vertical and horizontal applications includes:

  • Ball Check Valve
  • Spring Check Valve 
  • Horizontal Swing Check Valve
  • Wafer Check Valve
  • Wafer Check Valve with variable spring assist

Common uses for check valves:

  • Prevent backflow to pumps
  • Pressure balancing
  • Prevent water hammer
  • Process Intakes
  • One-way mixing