Site Training and Certification

On-Site Training, Testing and Certification to Help You Succeed

Tap into our decades of experience with applications like yours. We:

  • Provide on-site training, certification of contracted installers
  • Sell and lease tools and equipment for plastic welding
  • Help you quickly address any parts shortages in the field
  • Offer helpful advice, testing, quality control and troubleshooting
  • Get you the answers you need quickly. 

Value Engineering and Support

We support installations of all Simtech systems with available field training and certification to insure correct installation.  Factory training and certification by our DVS-trained technicians insures proper procedures and welding techniques will be reinforced regardless of your contractors experience level with thermoplastics and related equipment.  This is often essential to achieve maximum safety and the long service life that our products can deliver. 

We also specialize in helping contractors with only metals experience succeed - the first time. If you need help winning a bid for a thermoplastic piping job, call us.  Tap our expertise to be more competitive and to insure proper installation regardless of your experience level with industrial plastics. 

Call for Site Training & Certification  800-800-1908