Industrial Drainage

Experts in Industrial Drainage and Toxic Run-Off Containment

Industrial drainage and cleaning run-off take many forms, most of which generate corrosive or toxic wastewater that must be safely removed for disposal or treatment. Simtech provides cost-effective single wall and double wall piping solutions for industrial drainage and acid waste, building on decades of experience in above-ground and underground thermoplastic systems. 

We help engineers specify the right material for the longest service life at the lowest possible cost for these and other applications: 

  • Boiler blowdown
  • Steam drainage
  • Military and aircraft maintenance hangar slab drainage

These types of applications require piping systems and installation techniques capable of handling:

  • Corrosive fluids containing solvents, grease, oils and paints
  • Large swings in pH without chemical degradation
  • High temperatures underground without joint failure

Joint Integrity is Crucial

Our experience has shown that joint integrity is of utmost importance, so all our systems feature thermal socket or butt fusion connections as opposed to flanges or electrofusion coil fittings.  We have found coil fusion to be undesirable for any underground or under-slab installation because of the high failure rate of these joints and the high cost of excavation for repair.

Simtech offers small and large-diameter stress-relieved AlphaPlus polypropylene that outperforms PVC, CPVC and metal piping systems for buried waste lines.  Our in-line annealing process produces pipe with greater hoop-strength and resistance to stress-cracking and corrosion than other polypropylene products.  We also offer complete double-containment piping systems in various materials and sizes that meet all standards of regulatory compliance. 

Value Engineering and Support

By “value engineering” we mean we will always help you specify, estimate or buy a solution that is no more or no less than exactly what your conditions of service require.  We support you at every step starting with the first time you contact us.  We also support all our piping systems with field training and certification available to insure correct installation.  

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