Plastic Basket & Wye Strainers

Protection for Pumps and Other Valuable Equipment 

Suspended impurities and solids can ruin your day. That's why for over 20 years Simtech has offered thermoplastic strainers for everything from high purity water skids to heavy-duty industrial applications.

Economical Molded Wye Strainers

For applications in sizes ½" - 4" we offer a line of molded wye strainers (y-strainers) that protect critical pipeline components and minimize downtime by removing solids and suspended impurities. These economical chemically-resistant strainers are available in PVC, CPVC and new for 2016 are Polypropylene and PVDF wye strainers, all with a variety of mesh size and seal material options. 

Chemically Resistant Industrial Grade Basket Strainers

For larger industrial applications, Simtech offers a line of heavy-duty fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic basket strainers to stand up to the harshest conditions of service and plant environments.  The BST (simplex) and BSD (duplex) series strainer is an an industrial-grade strainer that is designed for structural strength and corrosion resistance at higher temperatures and pressures than typical plastic basket strainers. Available in sizes from 3” – 24” in fiberglass-overwrapped PVC, CPVC, PP and PVDF in both single (simplex) or double (duplex) basket configuration.