APS Adjustable Pressure Switch

The Simtech APS is an adjustable pressure switch with a multitude of uses. This switch may be used to open or close valves, start or stop pumps, sound alarms or limit pressure in tanks. The switch can be wired either normally open or normally closed for either rising pressure or falling pressure.

This patented switch is designed so there is no metal contact with the fluid. A Viton diaphragm is used to isolate corrosive chemical fluids from the switching mechanism.  The APS has a ½” FPT conduit inlet and ½” FPT mounting on the bottom center. All pressure switches are factory pre-set and are adjustable to your needs by rotating the top set screw.

Available in ½" size with PVC, PP or PVDF body. (On PVDF pressure switches, mounting base is PVDF; upper canister is polypropylene.)

  • Type 1: 5-40psi
  • Type 2: 40-100

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