AlphaPlus® Polypropylene Chemical Piping Systems

The New Generation of Polypropylene for Industry

AlphaPlus® Polypropylene is suitable for a wider range of chemicals than other piping materials such as FRP and CPVC, and can handle temperatures from 32°F-200°+F depending on the application.

This proprietary AlphaPlus resin formula and exclusive in-line annealing extrusion also considerably improves rigidity at high temperatures and impact resistance at low temperatures - far superior to β-nucleated PP and standard PP-H. No other polypropylene offers this combination of longer service life, greater functionality, improved safety and low cost of ownership.

  • Stress Relieved Polypropylene Pipe: ½” - 48”
  • Molded Polypropylene Socket Fittings: ½” - 4” 
  • Molded Polypropylene Butt Weld Fittings: ½” - 20”
  • Fabricated Polypropylene Fittings: 18” - 48”

AlphaPlus PP pipe and fittings offer advantages over other polypropylenes in the market:

  • Considerable reduction in pressure loss due to improved hydraulic properties
  • Significantly lower risk of particle deposits due to ultra-smooth surfaces
  • Potential cost-savings as a result of extended intervals between cleaning
  • Longer service life due to enhanced chemical resistance and minimized risk of stress cracks
  • Safe installation and assembly of pipes due to improved impact strength, even at low temperatures 
  • Greater safety margin due to improved weld quality
  • Higher degree of safety when welding pipes in locations that are difficult to access.

AlphaPlus polypropylene piping is used by a wide range of industries with specialized needs including:  

  • Chemical process
  • Semiconductor
  • Pulp & paper
  • Nuclear power
  • Mining
  • Metal preparation and finishing
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Water treatment
  • Food, beverage, brewing.