TDD Series Diaphragm Diverter Air Valve

The Simtech TDD Series Diaphragm Divertor Air Valve features a compact plastic valve especially designed for DI water and other high purity applications. This valve is also known as an air operated 3 way valve. No metal and elastomer contact with fluid.  This direct acting full flow valve features top entry for easy in-line maintenance and minimum water hammer. 

Available sizes: ½ - 1"
Body materials: PVC, PP, PVDF, PTFE
Seals:                PTFE
Connections:     FNPT

  • Virgin Teflon diaphragms and seals.
  • equal flow on both ports (N/O and N/C) Can handle high back pressure.
  • Low operating air pressure.
  • Available in two styles: Type 1: Air to open/spring to close.    Type 2: Air to open/air to close.

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