Plastic Wye Strainers

Compact Economical Sediment Removal

Simtech offers a line of molded wye strainers (y-strainers) in a variety of materials and mesh sizes for protecting sensitive components such as pumps or pressure control valves from the risks of particle contamination.  Our wye-strainers prevent damage to your installation and downtime by effectively removing solids and suspended impurities. New for 2016 are polypropylene and PVDF wye strainers. Features include: 
  • Molded strainer body 
  • Multiple filter screen mesh size options and materials for easy interchangeabilty
  • Top entry design makes in-line maintenance easy
  • Strainer design ensures total filtration of pipeline flow

Available Sizes: ½” – 4”
Body Materials:  PVC, CPVC, Polypropylene, PVDF
Seals:                EPDM, Viton/FPM  
Connections:     Socket, FNPT Threaded

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