Dual Laminate Piping Systems

ArmorTech™ Structurally Reinforced Thermoplastic Piping 

Now there is an alternative to stainless steel, lined steel and expensive alloys that outperforms, outlasts and cost less to install. Simtech ArmorTech™ piping systems combine the chemical resistance of thermoplastics with the mechanical strength of fiberglass for a superior alternative to traditional dual laminate and plastic lined piping systems.

ArmorTech™ (formerly DualTech) is available with three different liner materials. Each is ideal for handling aggressive media at elevated temperatures and pressure:

  • ArmorTech™ AlphaPlus PP is pressure rated to 150 psi @ 180°F
  • ArmorTech™ Kynar® PVDF is pressure rated to 150 psi @ 300°F
  • Halar® ECTFE is pressure rated to 150 psi @ 300°F

Eliminate Permeation and Fugitive Emissions

ArmorTech™ AlphaPlus PP and Kynar PVDF piping systems eliminate most problems associated with traditional FRP dual laminate and PTFE/PFA-lined systems: 

  • Fugitive emissions
  • Permeation
  • External corrosion
  • Liner collapse 
  • Flange maintenance.

Imagine a Flangeless System

With fugitive emissions a priority in the Chemical Process Industry (CPI), ArmorTech™ is the only alternative to lined steel piping that is truly “flangeless”.  Save on costly maintenance of flange connections and stop painting pipe to address exterior corrosion. Armortech also improves the safety of your system and workplace environment.

Specifying an Armortech™ system will also save on cost of installation. Hanger space is increased over 30% and Simtech’s patented shaving tools make flangeless field installation quick, safe and easy. We offer all the required joining equipment for sale or lease and provide field training and certification to insure the success of your project.

ArmorTech™ Trial Program

Ask us about a sample spool of ArmorTech so you can try this innovative material without risk or expense.