Food and Beverage

We bring deep experience with projects in food & beverage 

Hydrochloric acid is used extensively in food processing applications including the production of corn syrup, vegetable proteins and soy sauce. HCl is also used to make gelatin and as an acidifier for various products like sauces, vegetable juices and canned goods. HCl is just one of many corrosive fluid-handling challenges facing the food and beverage industry that Simtech understands well. 

We also offer FDA approved piping systems, piping materials with NSF 61 certification and Kosher-eligible piping.

For decades, we have helped solve food processing fluid and food waste drainage problems like yours.  We listen carefully to you so we can offer you options to improve performance and save you money with innovative materials and piping system expertise. 

Lower Costs and Minimize Downtime

Ask our experts how our innovative thermoplastics can lower your cost of ownership and help your plant run smoothly and without interruption from pipe, valve, or ventilation system failures.

When a leading soda bottler was building a new plant that included a large-diameter mile-long waste drainage line.  Engineers originally specified a material that was costly and difficult to install.  We worked with engineers to revise the specification to include a less expensive, longer-lasting AlphaPlus polypropylene. The owners realized a 30% savings on cost of installation. 

Whatever the challenge, we get the job done right for you. Consult Simtech to optimize your food and beverage process systems for:  

  • Brewing
  • Dairy
  • Chemical sterilization
  • Double containment
  • Acid waste drainage
  • Boiler blowdown
  • CIP Clean in place
  • Process drainage


Relevant Simtech systems: