LHS Hydrostatic Level Sensor - Ideal for Foaming Media

The LHS and LHS Flex determine the hydrostatic pressure of a fluid in a tank and convert this into a filling level signal output. The LHS works in a measuring range of 0 – 5 m with an accuracy of 0.2% after adjustment. The resolution is 1mm.  Precise measurements in aggressive medium types are now possible due to the LHS's special thermoplastic encapsulation. The hydrostatic operation also yields accurate readings of foaming medium types for which ultrasonic sensors are unsuitable. 

The LHS is also part of the UND Unified Display platform. All devices are optionally available with a 4-20 mA current or relay output. In addition to the version with a separate sensor and cable (the LHS Flex), there is a compact version for applications for which swinging measuring heads are unsuitable.   

The LHS Flex is available for applications where a separate sensor module is required for viewing convenience. The sensor for the LHS Flex is placed on the bottom of the tank by means of a 7 meter long FEP cable and programmed once for the medium and container geometry.

Filling levels can also be measured hydrostatically in pipelines if these are directly connected to the tank. In its compact design, the LHS is connected via a standard threaded connection to the outlet line of the container.

Body Materials: PVC, PP, PVDF
Seals:       EPDM, Viton/FPM

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