Pressure Relief Valve - PRP Series

This patented piston-controlled pressure relief valve maintains constant upstream pressures even in case of backpressure. The PRP is the only pressure relief valve available that simultaneously operates as a check valve. Available in nominal sizes from ½" to 4".

Available sizes:  ½” – 4” (20mm - 110mm)
Body Materials:   PVC, PP, PVDF
Seals:                  EPDM, FPM
Connections:      Socket, Spigot, or Flange

The PRP pressure relief valve is the most powerful and precise device of its kind. Thanks to the patented piston control mechanism, the PRP also acts as a non-return valve at the same time for backpressure-free operation. The high quality spring system makes it possible to set the PRP during operation for reliable upstream pressures from between 4 and 150psi.

The high quality PTFE coating on the control diaphragm makes the valve suitable for a wide range of aggressive medium types. This valve tolerates vibration well making it ideal for operation behind oscillating dosing pumps. 

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