Conductive Plastics for Solar Panel Manufacturing Fume Exhaust


One of the world’s largest producers of materials for solar panels needed to comply with tough ATEX standards in building new production facilities featuring extensive fume exhaust systems. Highly explosive hydrogen gas is a byproduct of the production of chemicals for solar cells, and static discharge from un-grounded exhaust duct material poses a significant risk.  There was also a need for a specialized air valve for which no solution currently in production existed. 
Simtech met these needs with our cutting-edge electrically conductive flame retardant polypropylene duct – a material which complies with ATEX standards. We worked to educate company engineers, brought in technical experts from Europe, and performed an engineering stress analysis to address concerns about expansion and contraction.  We also designed and contract manufactured a custom valve to meet the unique needs of this project. 
We also performed multiple welding demonstrations and on-site trainings and recommended the hangers, supports and expansion joints.  We continued to provide local support and stock the materials the customer needed to keep their complex project moving forward. 


Solar Cell Manufacturer, Southeast U.S.