Military Industrial Under-Slab Double Containment


Fuel systems for B-52 bombers are routinely serviced, cleaned, disassembled and/or reconditioned at Tinker Air Force Base outside Oklahoma City, OK. To safely drain away the cleaning solvents, the base needed a double containment solution that would stand up to the wide variety of corrosive acids and solvents in the drainage fluid and was field-proven for under-slab installation. We worked with Benham Engineers and with contractors including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to custom-build a double containment system made of Simtech ContainTech® polypropylene that was installed below their aircraft maintenance pad. Simtech provided rental welding equipment and on-site field training of the installers to insure compliance to the specifications and on-time completion of the project.


U.S. Air Force; Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma