Notre Dame Lab Contractor Taps Simtech for Equipment and Training


Many mechanical contractors who have traditionally worked with metal pipe and duct systems may not have the experience or the specialized equipment required to complete installations of thermoplastics without additional training and capital investment. 
A leading mechanical contractor working on the University of Notre Dame laboratory project did not own the equipment needed to install a multi-floor AlphaPlus polypropylene RODI water system, nor did they have installers with adequate training on plastic welding machines. Facing the costly option of hiring a specialized sub-contractor, they called Simtech.  
We rented the exact machine and tools (socket welding bench tool) required to successfully complete the job, saving the contractor money on equipment they did not have to purchase for a single job. We also provided onsite training of their workers on the rental equipment. After successfully completing the project, the contractor told us how Simtech saved him time, money and aggravation. He was especially grateful for the training his team received on how to use the equipment properly on this difficult 7-story laboratory installation.  


University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana