NYC Water Treatment Plant Chooses ContainTech® for Double Containment


The 1988 EPA Standards 40 CFR Parts 280 and 281 mandate double-wall piping for numerous below-ground fluid transport systems. These regulations and others impact the materials used in below-grade transportation of hazardous chemicals, including the chemicals used to fluoridate drinking water: hydrofluorosilicic Acid (FSA or HFS), sodium fluorosilicate, and sodium fluoride.  Kynar®740 PVDF is one of the best materials for handling these highly corrosive chemicals. 
The New York City Department of Environmental Protection needed a double-containment piping system made of an FDA and NSF-approved material to handle acid solutions used in the fluoridation of drinking water at their Kensico Dam water treatment plant.  Additionally, the D.E.P. required a leak detection and monitoring system. The engineer specified the need for a single supplier to provide the complete system. Simtech provided a complete solution from materials to installation training.
Simtech’s ContainTech® Kynar 740 PVDF double containment system is ideally suited for handling corrosive acids and met the D.E.P.’s requirements. Installers from the mechanical contractor were trained and certified on-site by Simtech. They successfully installed over 6,000 ft of single and double wall Kynar PVDF including both a 3” x 6” and a 4” x 8” system including low-point probe leak-detection. ContainTech® unique modular design made the installation of pipe and fittings quick and easy using simultaneous butt fusion. This saved the contractor valuable labor time and produced superior joint integrity compared with cementing, gasketing or electro-fusion coil joints.  


NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection, Upstate New York.