Prominent Carbon Steel Manufacturer Solves External Corrosion Problems


This leading domestic manufacturer of  carbon steel was using lined steel to feed reverse osmosis (RO) water to their pickling tanks. Their initial approach to the external corrosion challenges of this highly acidic plant environment was to have a coating applied to the steel piping at an off-site location, however these flanged spools that were painted prior to installation still suffered from external corrosion.  
The plant owners chose to replace the lined steel system with Simtech’s ArmorTech® structurally reinforced dual laminate polypropylene piping because it is corrosion-resistant on both the inside and outside and will stand up to corrosive environments without the costly application of coatings and periodic maintenance.  They specified ArmorTech because the lighter weight, flangeless butt-fusion pipe and fittings are ready-made so it installed quickly and reduced plant downtime. The absence of flange connections eliminates leak points and exterior corrosion for many years of maintenance-free service.  ArmorTech’s significantly lower cost of ownership compared with flanged steel systems also helps keep this USA steel manufacturer competitive in the face of Asian imports.  


Domestic Carbon Steel Manufacturer, South Carolina