Simtech Double Containment for Spent Acid Lines


A major Northeast steel manufacturing and finishing company planned a 12-day window for their first plant shut-down in over ten years, during which it had to complete the replacement of a critical large-diameter waste acid disposal sewer. Re-lining the waste trench would take too long and could not be completed during the scheduled shut-down period.  Plant engineers seeking to achieve a much longer service life than the system being replaced were also concerned about proper anchoring of the new pipe system.

Per the customer’s request, Simtech conducted a complete stress analysis and designed an 18” x 24” ContainTech® double-containment piping system that could be installed without re-lining the trench. The system used AlphaPlus polypropylene and featured custom-engineered anchors to allow expansion and contraction from thermocycling . To meet the 12-day deadline, we produced sub-assemblies for just-in-time delivery. Simtech also provided jobsite butt-fusion equipment and trained the installers on site and provided welding support to insure the tight deadline was met.


Specialty Steel Producer; Western PA 


Steel/Metals Finishing;  Mixed pickling acids