World Class Research Lab Taps Simtech for New RODI Water System


The University of Chicago designed its new showcase laboratory to attract top professionals in the physical sciences from around the world. The engineering firm specified a PVDF high purity piping system for the laboratory RODI system to allow for the potential increase in purity demands in the future.  They wanted the infrastructure to be in place in the event the system was expected to handle ultra-pure water (UPW) in the future. They also wanted the entire system to be of a material that is FM-approved for plenum flame and smoke spread. 
From the beginning, Simtech experts worked with all vested parties to insure a successful project.  We made joint calls with the engineers and contractors to help the specifications match the expectations of the University for performance and future capability upgrades. We also worked with a local distributor and supported the installation with welding equipment and the training and certification of two separate contractors.  


University of Chicago, Chicago, IL